iPage and Drupal Hosting

Are you a novice web developer who wishes to create interesting websites? Do you want to work with comprehensive content management systems that are easy to use and modify? If yes, you will find Drupal CMS extremely useful. Over the years, Drupal has turned into a comprehensive CMS system with plenty of features and unique abilities. Drupal allows you to quickly build not just blogs, but full featured sites with an attractive theme out of the box. This is why both weekend bloggers and programmers gravitate towards Drupal CMS. A lot of people consider Drupal as a platform for programmers rather than a simple script for making functional websites.

Drupal is extremely famous for its special functionalities like poll management, user management tools, advanced menus and graphics modification tools. These are essential features that can make your websites amazing! To be more precise, you can include social networking sites, advanced widgets, discussion boards and blogs in your site.

iPage is the perfect Drupal Host

ipage and drupal
iPage is the ideal host if you’re looking to easily run a Drupal site, for a variety of reasons. Drupal runs on a complex set of PHP scripts and mySQL database access, with an issue anywhere along the line resulting in a downed site. iPage’s multi-layered, fault resistant datacenter set up means you can feel secure that your Drupal site will always be up. Furthermore, iPage employs 24/7 consistent monitoring of all sites hosted on their network for down time, and dispatches engineers to fix the issue automatically, so you never have to worry about a prolonged outage, should the unfortunate happen.

iPage hosting with reliability and redundancy built in

Drupal hosting is most reliable on iPage

Drupal sites will fly on iPage

Along with reliability, Drupal sites hosted on iPage can also be assured of the fastest loading sites compared to their competitors. That’s because of iPage’s multi-data center, distributed content delivery network. With two data centers in the Boston, MA area and a network infrastructure consisting of a pooled server configuration, it enables all servers on their network to respond and deliver web site files when a request is made, with which the first machine available will be the one to do so. This type of distributed delivery enables all iPage‚Äôs Drupal sites to load much faster and with fewer service interruptions than other hosts.

Setting up Drupal on iPage couldn’t be simpler

As mentioned, Drupal runs on a complex set of PHP scripts and a mySQL database. Setting this all up by a novice can be extremely daunting, and even for a seasoned web developer, time consuming. iPage realizes this, and has made the process of installing Drupal very simple, with just a couple of clicks of the mouse inside their vDeck control panel. In fact, simply do the following:

  1. Log in to your iPage Control Panel.
  2. Go to Mojo Marketplace.
  3. Locate Drupal
  4. Click Install.

Installing Drupal inside vDeck

Drupal + iPage = Match made in heaven

With a rock solid infrastructure to handle Drupal’s complex PHP and mySQL requirements reliably, blazing fast servers to deliver Drupal sites as fast as possible, and finally, a visual interface to easily set up a Drupal site on your account from scratch, iPage has emerged as the go-to host for Drupal hosting. On top of that, iPage’s 30 day back money guarantee doesn’t hurt either for new clients considering whether to give iPage a shot with their new Drupal based site.